Our Finance Trading VPS (virtual private server) are specialized VPS designed for highest speed, stability and reliability. We also trade Forex, Commodities, Indices and Futures, our clients use the same VPS servers as Ixbone staff itself. Customers can use any trading software. We do not offer overbooked, cheap, unsecure (Docker, Software Virtualization) VPS, only dedicated hardware (native) Hyper-V virtualization VPS combined with professional service and support!

As an official Internet Service Provider, Ripe registration number AS16195, we provide 4096Bit encrypted VPS access.

CPU Core 4 8
Guaranteed RAM1 8GB 16GB
Storage2 20GB 30GB
Raid3 Hardware SSD Raid10 Hardware SSD Raid10
Power Supply Redundant Redundant
Dedicated IP Address 1 IP 1 IP
Network Port Speed 1 Gbit 1 Gbit
Operating System Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2019
Automatic Backup4 Daily Backup Daily Backup
Backup Restore5 <2 Hours <2 Hours
Availability >99.95% >99.95%
Monitoring6 SNMP SNMP
VPS Access7 2 x encrypted SSH-RDP 2 x encrypted SSH-RDP
Access from Win, Mac, Linux, Mobile, Tablet
Installation Assistance/Service
Any Broker, Market, Exchange
Any Expert Advisor, Trading Software
24x5 Service & Support
Option: Advanced Quantitative Trading Signals

Price Monthly VAT excl.8

(EU) Bankwire, Paypal

50€ 80€

- 1As many trading applications are loaded as the available memory permits.
- 2We only use fast SSD drives for continuous operation.
- 3We use a Hardware RAID 10 controller, active Hot-Spare SSD disks and encryption.
- 4The daily VPS backup (online export) is performed at 05:00 UTC.
- 5A restore of the last backup will be performed within 2 hours.

- 6We monitor 24x7 all the necessary VPS system parameters like cpu, network, memory.

- 7We operate a fully redundant network! The VPS is accessible by primary encrypted SSH tunnel with RDP and one secondary backup connection protected by 2 different deep packet inspection firewalls.
- 8EU customers use EU SEPA Bankwire, all other customers Paypal or Bankwire.Sender is responsible for whole banking costs.

 Payment must receive us within 5 working days after sending the monthly invoice to you, afterwards we disable your VPS, contract ends automatically.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!