We provide our financial economic data calendar free of charge for our customers.
Unfortunately, there is no complete calendar, one missing the "speaks", the other is focused on US data, other lacks on EU events.
To get a complete worldwide calendar, we have summarized data from 5 different news providers.
Our economic calendar is compiled and updated automatically every day.
The visible integration with manual Trader Intervention was technically meaningless, so there is a complete MT4/5 implementation for an Expert Advisor.
Most of the freely available indicator or expert advisor will block all trading on all currency pairs, our code will only lock the affected currency pairs.

Example: US labor market data is released, affected currency USD.
Depending on the setting, no positions X minutes before and after are opened for the following currency pairs:
All other currency pairs such as EUR/GBP, CAD/JPY, GBP/AUD etc. are not affected by the trade lock.

- We integrate our economic calendar into your existing Expert Advisor for free.
- Adjustable for "High", "Medium" and "Low Events.
- Automatic adaptation to the used time zone.
- Automatic trade lock when opening new positions, manual or automatic intervention in open positions by the trader or Expert Advisor.
- Display in the chart of the affected currency pair.
- An assessment of the existing Expert Advisor is necessary because we have to estimate the effort and possibility.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


This week calendar, example (opens in new window):