We operate Internet Security at two successive levels. Level 1 is the router which filters the known unauthorized network access and permits the accepted.

Level 2 is an application layer of security which runs directly at the server managed by us. By this two-level security we are able to guarantee the secruity for your business.

As Internet Security is a wide operating field, a professional consulting with assessment and conception of your existing infrastructure is essential.

Therefor is a comprehensive care is necessary and precondition to identify every lack of security and fill it up.


- Encrypted passwords
- Protection for Internet/Network, Hardware like Router and Switches
- Firewall for external access
- Firewall for Servers
- Protection for Databases
- Protection for Mail Servers
- Protection for Web Servers
- Protection for FTP Servers
- Protection for DNS Servers
- Spam/Virus Filter for Servers
- Protection against Perl/SQL Scripting

Due to the current worlwide Internet security problems, we are looking every weekend for the most important vulnerabilities for hacks, malware, spamware, etc. in the "whole IP network of Ixbone".
Currently, we can search for over 450 vulnerabilities, such security checks are usually "Remote" hacks, malware, etc., so it is the simulated attack from the outside, the Internet.
Such checks can of course also trigger false alarms, but it's better we as your Internet Service Provider find vulnerabilities as "foreign" people.
In addition, all customers receive our weekly newsletter with the latest exploits, hacks, bugs and errors.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!