As a central component of our Marketing, Advertising & PR is the continuous promotion of your company and products. This serves to increase customer loyalty and to attract new clienteles.

The individual steps include:
- Creation or acquisition and maintenance of your website, editing and integration of text
- Classic advertising with banners, pop-ups, layer ads, and much more
- Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO)
- Partners Marketing (affiliate marketing), pay per lead, click or sale
- Marketing in social networks (social media marketing - SMM), which branding and communications objectives
- Newsletter and blog management, verbal placement
- Adwords, Web site branding and sponsorship
- Back Link creation and management
It must not and will all ways at once and be done once, economic sustainability is the future success.

Our process is usually:
- Website of the company
- Search Engines
- Social networks, including Backlinks
- Newsletters and blogs, including Backlinks
- Adwords
- Site Branding and Websponsoring
- Finally, the traditional advertising such as banners, popups, layer ads, as more and more blocking software on the Internet browser integrated and mostly blocked. Also, the traditional advertising by visitors are often perceived as a nuisance and should be used only targeted. For example, advertisements for tires in a motor vehicles forum. Apply to car tires in a commercial shipping for perfume, this is usually done automatically unchecked through premium advertising portals, makes absolutely no sense and is counterproductive.

How can you measure the success of marketing and advertising? Relatively simple:
- How many visitors were at your web site (increase traffic)
- Are there any more new contacts via email or phone
- Increase in sales revenue.
The most important is an ongoing marketing and promotional activity - the market, the company and tailored to your budget!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!