We operate with serveral security and enryption levels!


1) Our whole network is firewalled, every data packet from and to the Internet must go through our managed deep packet inspection firewall.

2) Our public website is encrypted by standard 128 Bit keys (picture), yes https:// is not really save and can always easily decrypted. SSL certificates are more an cash machine for the certicate companies then a security feature! Search machines can not handle high encrypted websites, so we have to be compatible.

3) All internal IXBONE services are encrypted with our own SSL certificate and 4096 Bits (picture), which can not decrypted at this time.

4) Every customer VPS is only accessible with our 4096 Bit SSL high encryption certificate.

5) The servers storage is encrypted to.

6) All customers receive our bi-weekly newsletter with the latest exploits, hacks, bugs and failures, to protect their home computers.


We do not operate with customer credit card or banking data online, therefor we do not need the low encryption in general, but search engines penalties websites without encryption, regardless how high the encryption is.


 Standard website encryption:



IXBONE services encryption:

ixbone ssl

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!