With over 30 years experience we are able to support you in German or English, in all Internet, Network and IT issues.
There are only invariable and only fixed monthly prices and one time costs. There are no kind of additional charges at Ixbone products.

We configure, expand, monitor manage and inform about:

- Virtual Server (VPS)
- Internet Security
- Forex VPS
- Forex Services

IXBONE customers enjoy the following complimentary amenities:

- Telephone support and consulting at all IT issues
- On-site visits, phone support and consulting for all Ixbone products
- Full SNMP monitoring and alert management for all customer server and network devices
- DNS Domain Hosting, we take the technology, customer remains the owner and beneficiary account
- Daily backup for all Internet servers and VPS products

Paid extra services:

- On-site IT installations, maintenance, enhancements, consulting for Non-Ixbone products.
- (Re/New) programming, graphics and content management (text), because we outsource this part by ourselves.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!