We do mentoring on trading, technical, trading styles, risk, money, order management and so on, free for selected customers. This is primary a one-to-one communication, most by email. In the future we'll maybe establish a private customer forum to share trading experiences. We have 20 years trading experience, so lets start.


The main goal is to transfer knowledge, rising your experience which results in more profits and less loss for you!


 General informations:
- We demonstrate, do mentoring, to our customers how you can trade.
- We do not suggest to use an preferred broker or market or financial product.
- We do not give live trading instructions, we ask no one to execute certain orders at any times!
- We do not act on behalf of the customers money! We are not involveld in any customer profit or loss.

- We suggest always long-term demo trading!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!