Trading Statistics is an analysis tool that stores many parameters per underlying and displays the best result..

How does it work?

Example: The trader wants to know which Stop Loss setting is best after a long-term forward demo (no backtest!) per currency pair, for example, a StopLoss with a value of 25 is the best choice for GBPUSD, the value 55 is better for GBPJPY.
As a Stop Loss value selection of 20-60. used in steps of five, there are thus 8 MT4 terminals necessary with 28 currency pairs configured, to obtain meaningful stop loss statistics for 28 currency pairs.
With these statistics, the trader is now able to adjust his live account to new best values at any time, minimizing the bad trades and the scary drawdowns.
Because with ONE STATIC VALUE for all pairs in a dynamic cfd/forex market, misdirected trades automatically increase and reduce your profit substantially.

The decisive advantage is that the Trading Statistics works with long-term forward demos, so data is real-time logged, the data quality is 100%!
With the backtest, the data quality is 90% and from the past are used!
A dynamic market changes regularly, sometimes even several times daily, a dynamic adjustment or at least the possibility to do so, is the prerequisite to be profitable in the Forex market.
Note: Static values can not survive in a dynamic market!

General information:
- We provide the complete statistics environment
- We extend your Expert Advisor to automatically calculate and save the values
- Create the Excel similar websites for a detailed evaluation
- Provide support and teach you the professional use
- We assume no liability for losses and profits of any kind, Ixbone is not involved in profit or loss for customers who use our products!
- It is up to the customer to define his own risk behavior!
- We do not give trading instructions, we ask no one to execute certain orders at any times!
- We do not act on behalf of the customer with his money!

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